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Untitled Resting Place #1

Date: 2014

Medium: Public intervention and performance

Materials: Reclaimed mattress springs, earth and audio equipment

Dimensions: 1.2m x 66cm x 1.8m


Untitled Resting Place #1 is a site specific installation created for Mirabel Gardens in Salzburg, Austria. Made from reclaimed bed springs that have been placed below the level of the earth this physical intervention is located in a place in the park where tourists often stop to rest on the grass. Resonant frequesncies of the metal create a soundscape reminiscent of a long hallway or deep shaft, Creating the illusion that the installation is much deeper that it really is. The placement allows for playful interaction intended to bring us into the present moment at this historic location. The sound of the mattress springs is amplified to enhance the feeling of unrest in a city where so much attention is focused on the past.


This project was made possible by the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts and the American Austrian Foundation.


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