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Video: Domestic Infrastructure # 2

Over Exposure

Photographic series documenting the effects of extreme heat on objects abandoned in the Mojave

KALA Residency Project - Over Exposure

Date: 2017- 2022

Medium: Medium Format Digital Photographic Prints

Dimensions: Printed Image: 20” x 20”, Paper 24” x 24”  (Editions Forthcoming)

A project born of climate uncertainty, this series began in 2017 while working with Mojave Sound Art to facilitate and create installations in the landscape of Wonder Valley, CA. I was thinking about the realities of living on a hotter planet and what it means to create in conversation with such a delicate ecosystem. I found myself collecting shoes and books abandoned near desert homesteads as well as tire remnant's shredded on the hot asphalt. 

For me, these specimens become stand-ins for our frail bodies in the face of warming climates and extreme weather conditions. The objects we use to store knowledge, house our skin, and travel are no match for the relentless heat and UV exposure of this stark and commanding landscape.

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