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Date: 2013

Medium: Performable Object

Materials: Concrete, wood, custom audio equipment    

Dimensions: 28cm x 2.7m x 4.6m


Obstacles consists of an interactive 9×15 foot platform made up of 15 individual articulated concrete tiles. Each tile has the ability to tilt by 27 degrees in two directions thus creating a changing surface on which any participant is invited to become a part of the piece and ultimately an impromptu performer. The platform includes speakers, an amplifier and piezoelectric contact microphones embedded in the support structure to emphasize every tilt, creak and thud. A passerby cannot quietly or anonymously cross the walkway. Alternately, our daily routines are truly and decisively interrupted and destabilized as every move is amplified drawing attention to the user and heightening the sense of removal from an everyday experience in public space.

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