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Date: 2022

Medium: Floating Sound Sculpture 

Materials: ​Found windows, ducting, vents, wood, custom electronics, and audio

Dimensions: 4.3m x 2.6m x 3m


This site responsive piece was the product of a 2 ½ week residency and I-Park Foundation in East Haddam, CT. I arrived with an interest in working on the water and spent the first couple of days exploring local salvage materials and responding to the landscape. The piece that emerged resembles the utilitarian architecture of waterfront industrial buildings you might see in New England. The sculpture sits at the water's edge where visitors can board the floating platform and listen to audio from Martin Heidegger’s 1952 Essay, A Question Concerning Technology. The essay discusses the emergence of “modern technology” as something different from earlier industrial processes that, because of the modes of thinking and revealing that it employs, measures, codifies, and extracts from nature more than nature can afford. This extraction changes the essence of the resource that it extracts from.


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