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Domestic Infrastructure Series 

Interactive Fountains Incorporating Live Sound

Ulfeldt is particularly interested in the behavior of man-made bodies of water within urban environments. She writes, “I’m interested in an aesthetic of urgency developing around infrastructure and industry that is designed primarily for function, creating a soundscape and visual code that is sometimes erratic or confrontational. Examples include frameworks such as soil pipes, drainage canals and construction sites. I’m interested in what happens when these visual and auditory elements are combined in a new context through art and interaction.“  

The Domestic Infrastructure series uses industrial materials and sound to create situations that invite participation and interaction. Coming from a visual art background, Ulfeldt explores sound as a way to engage in the present moment. She uses the term “performable objects” to describe recent works from this series and takes the idea one step further to create performable situations. For this installation, museum visitors are invited to use the antique hand pump to move water through the system and listen to the resulting live composition of sound.


Video: Domestic Infrastructure # 2

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