Beyond Repair

Solo Exhibition at Recology San Francisco Artist in Residence Program

This exhibition was the culmination of a four month residency during which artists scavenge from the "dump" and create new works made from 95% reclaimed materials found at the Recology San Francisco transfer station.

With the title Beyond Repair as her central theme, Anja Ulfeldt resurrects objects that have been cast into obsolescence. Simultaneously enhancing and subverting a sense of place, Ulfeldt renders uncanny the most basic infrastructure such as flooring, windows and vents to create a questionable and changeable psychological space. By upending expectations, Ulfeldt constructs an environment that is seemingly free of authority and open to doubt. But alongside this uncertainty, she also provides opportunities for viewers to escape into the poetics of small moments. Objects move by forces unseen, what we think we are watching is not quite as it appears, and our perceptions are given free rein to shift from the real to the fantastic.

Individual Works

Title: Beyond Repair Date: 2017 Medium: Light sculpture Materials: Recycled rubber playground mats, artificial turf, tempered glass, wood, carpet, plastic and lights Dimensions: 10” x 84” x 84”

Title: Constructed Memory #1 Date: 2017 Medium: Wind sculpture Materials: Antique trunk, furnace blower and found personal belongings Dimensions: 47” x 38” x 28”

Title: Controlled Spill #1 Date: 2017 Medium: Mixed Media Materials: Tool boxes and their contents and recycled red paint Dimensions: 70” x 23” x 13”

Title: Constructed Memory #2 Date: 2017 Medium: Wind and sound sculpture Carpet box, hand woven rug, lamp, appliance fan, working shortwave radio, and Kidder-Parker Architects' and Builders' Handbook, 18th Edition Dimensions: 36” x 45” x 27”

Title: Selectively Informed/North Window Date: 2017 Medium: Site specific video installation Materials: Social media tradeshow booth, flat screen TV, window and live video stream using found camera pointing north Dimensions: 132” x 48” x 10”

Title: Constructed Memory #3 Date: 2017 Medium: Kinetic wind and light sculpture Materials: Carpet, furnace blower, microwave motor, light fixture, trunks and suitcases, sweat pants and pink elephant Dimensions: 66” x 72” x 48”

Title: Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow Date: 2017 Medium: Smoke sculpture Materials: Roof vent, fog machine and electronics Dimensions: 43” x 43” x 30”


Title: Machine for Kittens Date: 2017 Medium: Kinetic sound sculpture Materials: Industrial mixer, redwood, steel, yarn, bells and flooring Dimensions: Variable

Title: The Show Must Go On Date: 2017 Medium: Kinetic sculpture Materials: Rocking horse, steel, electromagnets, wood, flooring and custom electronics Dimensions: Variable

Title: Selectively Informed/South Window Date: 2017 Medium: Site specific video installation Materials: Social media tradeshow booth, flat screen TV, window blinds and live video stream pointing south Dimensions: 70” x 82” x 6”