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Untitled Resting Place #2

Date: 2015

Medium: Public intervention and performance

Materials: Street mattress, transducer, amplifier, cables and headphones

Dimensions: 23cm x 183cm x 152cm


Often executed with rash imprecision, illegal street dumping is the result of a decisive moment in a stranger's life in which they could no longer retain their belongings. Perhaps they were moving, got evicted, or couldn't afford to pay for disposal or storage. I have come to see these collections of items as a ghostlike remnant of personal displacement. At first glance Untitled Resting Place # 2 could easily be dismissed as a piece of garbage on the edge of a parking lot. Upon further investigation, a pair of headphones can be located with a cord coming out from beneath the springs of the old rusty mattress. When the headphones are worn, the participant can hear vibrations and resonant frequencies of the metal springs as they react to movement and touch.


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