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Perpetual Moment

Date: 2018

Medium: Static Electricity, Sound, and Light Sculpture

Materials: Ostrich feather, neon light bulbs, acrylic, found materials, custom electronics

Dimensions: 48cm x 49cm x 20cm

A delicate ostrich feather moves with pulses of electricity as objects inside the enclosure move by forces unseen. This is the phenomenon of static electricity charging metal parts and causing them to swing. When the chain of tiny lights touches the sphere it grounds and the electric field around the whole sculpture discharges, pulling the feather back into form. 


These sculptures are animated by static electric charges that are around us all the time. The objects used in this series becom stand-ins for living beings that operate within repeating cycles. 


For a more technical explanation of this body of work please see my Zoom lecture on static electricity:


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