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Singing Sands

Singing Sands

Date: 2019

Medium: Performable Installation

Materials: Salvaged trailer, water, sand, microphones, transducers, custom electronics 

Dimensions: 3m x 4.78m x 2.74m


A site specific installation created for Incantations 2019, presented by Mojave Sound Art. The camping trailer can be seen as a symbol of freedom and mobility as well as a landing place of last resort. Singing Sands is a found-object sound sculpture in the form of a trailer that has been allowed to decay in the harsh desert environment. Inside the dwelling, objects are brought (back) to life through sound, movement, and interaction. A "radio" plays softly in the uninhabited space. Sand covers the surfaces while water drips from an unknowable source. Visitors are invited to enter and interact through tactile exploration. All audio is live and interactive with the exception of the "radio" which is playing selected philosophy texts recorded using voice to text applications.


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